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What is the method, using Delphi XE2, to call to add Array definition to a dwsUnit component at runtime?

MyDwsUnit.Arrays.Add returns a TCollectionItem, not TdwsArray, while adding an array definition at design time adds a TdwsArray instance!.

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Default TCollection.Add method returns a TCollectionItem, even though it's actually an instance of whatever items the collections manages (this isn't specific to DWScript, it's a Delphi VCL thing).

To simplify that, most subclassed collections in DWScript now reintroduce an Add method that will wrap the default one with a cast, so you don't have to do the cast manually. So chances are you're on older version of DWScript.

If you don't want to update, you can just use

(MyDwsUnit.Arrays.Add as TdwsArray)


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Thank you Eric. You are right, i am on V2.2 (sorry i forget to mention this). Will update once V2.3 is stable. i used :var ArrayVar:TdwsArray; begin ArrayVar := TdwsArray.Create(FMainUnit.Arrays); and it works. thanks again. – Bahaa Oct 5 '12 at 5:50

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