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I am trying to test the routes of my MVC4 site with MvcContrib.TestHelper. When I do something like that:

"~/".ShouldMapTo<myController>(x => x.Index());

I have an error like "System.Security.VerificationException: Method MvcContrib.TestHelper.RouteTestingExtensions.ShouldMapTo: type argument 'myController' violates the constraint of type parameter 'TController'.

I did a quick search and I found that article: but it doesn't work. In fact, I suppose it works with MVC4 Beta but not with MVC4.

I know there are other solutions for testing my rules, I just love the way and cleanness of that one. Any solution to make it work would be very appreciated.

Thanks a ton!

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As kevin labranche suggested in his blog , I downloaded the source code, compiled with visual studio 2012.

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I used the binding redirect that Kevin suggested in his blog and it worked fine in Visual Studio 2010 with MVC4 (not beta). I did have to add some lines to the app.config so the xml/config file would be in the correct format. – Paul Syfrett Mar 11 '13 at 21:44

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