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I installed the latest express-coffee and installed node-config too. I created a simple src/config/default.yaml

    db_host: localhost
    db_name: test

In my src/models/index.coffee

config = require('config').Database

console.log "host: #{config.db_host}"

But when trying to start the server with cake dev or even cake build && node app I am getting the following error:

Cannot write runtime.json file Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory

Tried searching for the issue here and on Google but wasn't able to find anything. Even the few hits on just ENOENT or node-config runtime.json haven't been helpful. Anyone else run into this problem before ?

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It turns out the problem was where config/default.yaml was located. I had to move this to the root directory of the application. Moving it to the root - config/default.yaml fixed the issue. The error message wasn't very helpful in figuring out what was going on.

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