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I am trying hard to find the solution of this problem but cant find it...

I am testing an infinite scroll script (found here: ) , the infinite scroll is working fine, but after I implement that, the caracters got disconfigured just when I include the php with the results of my mysql seaarch.

My database is 100% in charset utf-8 and all the pages that Im using in this test is in uft-8 aswell. So I gess that its something I need to put on the .js file, and I am newbie on all of this dont know what to do :D

the test page you can see here:

Note that on the top menu I wrote "ñ¿¡á" just to test and it shows no error, but down on the pictures and text that cames from the database and ajax itshow the error.

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The problem is from your database connection.

The connection must be UTF-8.

In PDO add charset=UTF-8 in DSN, eg: mysql:host=localhost;dbname=test;charset=UTF-8

In old MySQL and MySQLi: before any queries run "SET NAMES 'UTF8'"

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thanks a lot finally solved my problem :) – El Ocioso Oct 2 '12 at 8:03

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