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I have several columns and making pivot. I want to have multiple non-pivot columns and to make pivot using the last one. In the original specification here it is shown that you can have only one non-pivot column.

SELECT <non-pivoted column>,

    [first pivoted column] AS <column name>,

    [second pivoted column] AS <column name>,


    [last pivoted column] AS <column name>


    (<SELECT query that produces the data>)

    AS <alias for the source query>



    <aggregation function>(<column being aggregated>)


[<column that contains the values that will become column headers>]

    IN ( [first pivoted column], [second pivoted column],

    ... [last pivoted column])

) AS <alias for the pivot table>

<optional ORDER BY clause>;

Is there a way to have more non-pivot columns, because it is pivoting my data using all columns after the first one.

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Yes. Just add them.


declare @t table (a int, b int, c int, d int)
insert @t values (1,2,3,4)
insert @t values (7,6,5,3)

select a,b, [3],[4] from @t s
(sum(c) for d in ([3],[4])) p
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