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Is there a way to find out whether the current chat session is happening through a VPN connection programatically (using either C# or Java) ?

I don't have access to network tools to do a R&D ( first of all not sure whether it can be tracked live), hence i haven't tried anything.

Any help/pointers/directions will of great help.


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I believe it would depend on how the VPN is set up.

If the VPN is connected using a software endpoint then it will normally have a simulated network adaptor that you could most likely find the name of (the hardware drivers display name not the connection name) and compare it to a list of known VPN network adaptors.

If the VPN is connected using a hardware endpoint like a firewall or other dedicated network device then there may be no way to tell without some sort of man in the middle hardware approach.

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Thanks Alex. Your answer thrown light on what i thought to be a dark area. :) –  Later Oct 22 '12 at 3:30
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