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I have some questions regarding container-managed transactions in JPA. For example, I have JSF page with managed bean, which calls a session bean's method:

public class TestController {
    private TestBean bean;

    public String action() {
        return null;

public class TestBean {
    private EntityManager em;

    public Object check() {
        return em.createQuery("SELECT u from User u WHERE = 1").getSingleResult();

Do I understand correctly, that if check() method is invoked within the same transaction, then EntityManagers will have the same persistence context and the method will return the same Object over and over?

If there will be several requests to action() method of the controller, will EntityManagers have different persistence contexts for each request? Does it depend on the type of session bean: stateful or stateless?

What if I change the scope of the controller to @SessionScoped and create several requests from the same session?

In general, are there any rules that define when a container creates new transactions? Does it depend on the container type (I'm using Glassfish)?

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