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Is there a way to get the response time that the user took to reply. Our mail system is exchange, and the only to do with MS Exchange is through message tracking logs but you have to calculate the time manually.

I am looking for a 3rd party to generate a report of e.g. "average response time","user response time"


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This is an odd question because email was never designed to be an instantaneous transport and respond mechanism. You can even look at the RFCs for SMTP to see all of the components that are designed to address decoupled networks and email relays that are up and down on an inconsistent basis.

if you want to understand the relay time ( time from user send to arrival in the inbox ) then you can look at the "received" tag in the email headers to calculate time in transport. If you are looking at time to respond, if a user has an SLA then you have to implement all sorts of items. You have to turn on receipts for both delivery and read and then you have to use the logs to cross the read receipt with the earliest "received" return email header timestamp to understand the time between read and response.

You would almost be better off running this against some sort of email archiver instead of directly against the Exchange server as this would give you access across email accounts for reporting.

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