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Is it possible to build shared libraries (e.g. *.so, *.dll) using languages other than C or C++?

What is the underlying requirement to build a shared library? Is it that the language be capable of compiling to a native binary?

I'm particularly interested to find out if it is possible to build a shared library from Prolog.

E.g. could I build a .so using Prolog, which I could then link to from another language, C, Java, Python etc.

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You can build a shared library with a number of languages. One I use regularly is Delphi, which can create dll's for windows.

For Prolog, not sure if you can create a shared library, it would need some sort of run time environment, if any did I'd start with GNU-Prolog. The problem isn't technical so much as licensing.

There are prologs around that can be used as a shared library, and linked in with your app, written in anything that can include a shared library (most languages). A quick google turned up these,

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can you call your delphi shared library direct from C/C++? – bph Oct 3 '12 at 10:37
sure depending on which C/C++ you use.… or With non embarcadero C++, you'd typically have to write a little wrapper that's C compatible - same for any object language called from C. Or you can use COM – daven11 Oct 4 '12 at 8:28

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