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when i try to run the below;

find /tmp/ -type f -exec sed -l 's/PEntries/PEntries2/g'{}\;

i get the error "find: missing argument to `-exec'"; I've also tried some posts suggestions to put space between ' and {} and also another between {} and \ but that brings me to another error;

sed: -e expression #1, char 7: extra characters after command

my sed version is 4.2.1; This same command ran successfully on another Linux machine. I dont know why its not working now.

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You forgot a space before {}\;

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... and the space between {} and \; – Mark Oct 2 '12 at 8:28

Once you're resolved your find issues (see Dorin's answer), you need to sort the sed invocation. From my sed (v4.2.1):

 -l N, --line-length=N

which suggests the -l takes a numeric argument. If I take your sed invocation and amend with a numeric argument, I don't get the above error. Are you sure this worked on your other machine (are you running the correct sed?)

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