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I'm trying to extract the second link under the description tag. I have written the following code, but it looks really messy with freads and substrings (just to get it to work). Is there any cleaner way to accomplish this?

XML Extract


Tag = ".xml",


{ ok, {Status, Headers, Body }} = httpc:request(Url ++ Tag),

{ Xml, Rest } = xmerl_scan:string(Body),

{xmlObj , string , A } = xmerl_xpath:string("substring-after(substring-after(substring->before(//channel/item/description[1], '\">[link]') , 'br') , 'href=')", Xml),

{ok,_,B} = io_lib:fread("~6s" , A),


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could you post an url from which you get xml? –  stemm Oct 2 '12 at 8:55

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Not a perfect solution, but you may use such xpaths //channel/item/description[1]/text()[16] and //channel/item/description[1]/text()[24]

extracted strings contains urls + quotes at the beginning, so you may use list matching syntax to cut off quotation marks: [_|Url] = ...

So use this: [{_,_,_,_,[_|U1],_}] = xmerl_xpath:string("//channel/item/description[1]/text()[16]", Xml). to bind U1 with first url.

Test in shell:

11> [{_,_,_,_,[_|U1],_}] = xmerl_xpath:string("//channel/item/description[1]/text()[16]", Xml). 
12> U1.
13> [{_,_,_,_,[_|U2],_}] = xmerl_xpath:string("//channel/item/description[1]/text()[24]", Xml). 
14> U2.
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Wow! That is exactly what I was looking for. XPath seems to me quite confusing, and this solutions makes total sense! Thanks! –  Khashayar Oct 2 '12 at 10:40

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