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How to call Objective-C from Javascript?

I've been asked by a friend to make him a very simple app that launches and then loads a full screen UIWebview and displays some html pages that are inside the app. No problem there.

He also asked me to call a url scheme, which will launch another app already installed on the device. I've done the url scheme stuff to launch an app before, that's no problem.

What I don't understand is how to go about getting the html to call a method in my app.

To summarize: So my app will have native code that will:

a) Show a UIWebview which will display html pages embedded into the app. b) A method that does the URL scheme stuff to launch another app.

Question: How can I call my method via the html(html button) pages?

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Almost the same question but you should connect your scheme request in this method.

Stackoverflow- Call a method by clicking a button in a UIWebView

If you want to go more advanced you can use:


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