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We are currently designing a REST interface with localized data and are wondering what kind of approach to use to encode localized data.

The options we came up with are

l10n object child

{"id": 1, 
 "l10n": {"en": {"title": "English title"}, 
          "fi": {"title": "Suomalainen otsikko"}} 

localized properties

{"id": 1, 
 "title": {"en": "English title", 
           "fi": "Suomalainen otsikko"}}

The first encoding is easier to merge, but the second approach is e.g. compatible with the localization encoding of JSON-LD.

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Would it make more sense for the request to ask for a particular language instead of returning all languages? – tomasmcguinness Oct 2 '12 at 8:42
i would prefer the second notation, it looks well structured (consistent) and simpler to use than the fist example. – pce Oct 2 '12 at 8:45

I think better to use subdirectories, for example

http://server/en/users for english > http://server/ru/users for russian

Its better than give users info in different language all the time

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