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I have the following domain classes

class Child{
    def age

class Parent{
    static hasMany = [children:Child]

and I would like to execute the following in HQL

    .sort{ parent -> parent.children.sort{ child -> child.age}[0]}[0..10]

Basically I would like to retrieve a list of parents sorted by the age of their eldest child. And restrict this to only 10 records. I don't want to pull all parent and child records from the database, and then do the necessary sorting. I was hoping that HQL could do this on the 'database layer', and only return the results I need. Thanks :)

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Parent.withCriteria {
        createAlias('children', 'ch', org.hibernate.criterion.CriteriaSpecification.LEFT_JOIN)
        order("ch.age", "desc")

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