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I am investigating ways to move data from SQL Server into system exposed via a RESTful HTTP API.

If I were to use SSIS would I have to write a custom connector to push the data to the HTTP API after the transform step, or is there a built in feature that supports pushing to an HTTP API?

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If you only want to move a very small amount of data, you could use the Web Services Task ...but note that pushing data out of SQL Server is not what this task is intended for...

The Web Service task executes a Web service method. You can use the Web Service task for the following purposes:

Writing to a variable the values that a Web service method returns. For example, you could obtain the highest temperature of the day from a Web service method, and then use that value to update a variable that is used in an expression that sets a column value.

Writing to a file the values that a Web service method returns. For example, a list of potential customers can be written to a file and the file then used as a data source in a package that cleans the data before it is written to a database.

For more control, you'll want to look at using the Script Component in a data flow. Much more flexibility/control.

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