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Ok this is a similar problem like the one I had before but it has the requirment that it needs to be a view with 1 variable and it needs to be as simple as possible. I need a view that generates a list of dates within a given month (that is the variable).

Here is what I have so far:

create view monthview(datesetter) as (   
to_date(to_date(datesetter),'MM.YYYY')-1 + level as DateRange
(to_date(to_date(datesetter),'MM.YYYY')-1+level) <= sysdate
connect by level<=31);

and the view should than be called by something like:

select * from monthview where datesetter='02.2008';

and then generate a list like


and so on

It either tells me that I can't compile the view due to the fact that there is a mistake when I use datesetter or it compiles the view but then it tells me thata there is a non numeric value where a numeric one is needed when I use 'datesetter' ....

Thanks for any ideas or help

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try a pipelined function:

create or replace type date_array_type as table of date;

create or replace function monthview (datesetter varchar2) return date_array_type
pipelined as

cursor c is 
select to_date(level || '.' || datesetter , '') dt
from dual
connect by level <= to_number(to_char(
  last_day(to_date(datesetter , 'mm.yyyy')), 'dd'));


for r in c loop

  pipe row(r.dt);

end loop;



Now you can use it like this:

select * from table( monthview('03.2012'));

Here is a fiddle

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Hmm you're right that works great but my aim, if possible and I am having doubts that it is, that I want this to work in a view. Any ideas how that could work? – Thevagabond Oct 2 '12 at 9:32
@Thevagabond, then maybe this post may help… – A.B.Cade Oct 2 '12 at 9:39
Seems that it is not possible to do this in a view then... oh well :-) then thanks for your function. It will do the job just fine :-) – Thevagabond Oct 2 '12 at 9:49

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