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Here is the my code..

$SupportingMaterialTaskSql = "select task_name,section_name,ref_student_id from scores where ref_student_id = '".$studentid."' and section_name = 'sm1' GROUP BY task_name ORDER BY cast( SUBSTRING( task_name, 5, 2 ) AS unsigned ) ASC";

            $SupportingMaterialTaskResults = $obj->selectQuery($SupportingMaterialTaskSql);

            if($SupportingMaterialTaskResults > 0)
                foreach($SupportingMaterialTaskResults as $Key => $SupportingMaterialTaskRow)
                    $Task = $SupportingMaterialTaskRow['task_name'];

                    $str = "Task";
                    $TaskName = str_replace($str, "Task ", $Task);
                  <td width="30%"  class="f13_blue cellbg"><?php echo $TaskName; ?></td>


Here is the Out put above this code..

Task2 Task3 Task5 Task6 Task7 Task8 Task9 Task10

So just i want to result like this.. if database have value like Task1 then print Task1 otherwise Print Task1 "N/A".

So how can i solve that?

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Are the Task values, table columns? –  Chris Oct 2 '12 at 9:32
task_name section_name ref_student_id Task10 sm1 1 Task2 sm1 1 Task3 sm1 1 Task3 sm1 1 Task3 sm1 1 Task4 sm1 1 Task4 sm1 1 Task5 sm1 1 Task6 sm1 1 Task7 sm1 1 Task7 sm1 1 Task7 sm1 1 Task8 sm1 1 Task9 sm1 1 –  Nishant Patel Oct 2 '12 at 9:34
Yes this is the "task_name" field value. –  Nishant Patel Oct 2 '12 at 9:41

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Something like the following could work:


function check_not_null($var){
  if(trim($var) == ""){
    $var = "N/A";

// some query info here...

while($fetch = mysqli_fetch_array($query)) {
  $task1 = check_not_null($fetch['task1']);
  $task2 = check_not_null($fetch['task2']);
  $task3 = check_not_null($fetch['task3']);
  // now echo or use the vars.. each loop they will be rechecked..

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