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I have two datagridviews in one form. So, the first, datagriedview1 has

rOO 898989096677 AB@YAHOO.COM 018-9097878

datagridview2 has


rOO 898989096677 AB@YAHOO.COM 018-9097878 8787

I would like to ask help on how to compare two datagridviews, as you can see in the figure I would like to compare the four columns from one datagridview to another datagridview and see if any results match. For example, does the roo name match with the another datagridview, I want the value in the id (8787) to be sent to another datagridview.

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What´s the specific problem? You know how to access the values contained in the cells? You know how to compare values? You know how to set values? –  TheBlastOne Oct 2 '12 at 10:16
If both datagridviews are pointing to the same data source then it should be in sync. Better to describe your requirement from user point of view. –  ray Oct 2 '12 at 10:20

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Let's assume that you populate both datagrids with the same objects that contain these 4 properties from your example. You must check for the selected row from the first datagrid if in the second datagrid there is an matching object, based on your filters. Use Linq. If so, then copy the data from the selected item from the first datagrid into the matching element from the seconds. I am affraid that you will need to do all these steps manually, because there is no method that can compare two data grids and you just set some filters and the job is done. You will have some work to do, but it is not hard. Good luck.

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