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I have a statistics database for people who have visited. This table contains ID, timestamp IPv4, IPv6, User Agent and REQUEST_URI. I get false numbers by running something like

SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT IPv4) AS 'Uniques', COUNT(*) AS 'Total' FROM statistics

So I need to filter out the bots from humans. My approach is this:

SELECT ID FROM statistics WHERE NOT EXISTS(SELECT ID FROM statistics WHERE useragent NOT LIKE '%bot%')

This should select all rows from statistics which are not present in the query which searches for non-bots. I think the query looks reasonable so why isn't it working?

And there is a reason I want to do it this way instead of

SELECT ID FROM statistics WHERE useragent LIKE '%bot%'

Any ideas?

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I'm a bit confused, but maybe you want to do:

SELECT ID FROM statistics 
WHERE ID NOT IN (SELECT ID FROM statistics WHERE useragent NOT LIKE '%bot%')
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Ok thanks, that did it. Just wondering why my NOT IN didn't work... –  Akke Oct 2 '12 at 10:04
NOT EXISTS differs from NOT IN. For more information look at MSDN EXISTS (you're using MYSQL and not MS SQL Server, but the meaning of these keywords doesn't differ). –  ufo Oct 2 '12 at 10:09
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