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I am printing using methods available in the older System.Drawing.Printing namespace because the PrintDocument object provides a PrintPage event which allows me to load an image and dispose of it instantly. Trying to print using a FixedDocument would often result in out of memory conditions.

I have however hit a strange problem - i use the EndPrint event handler to close my printing application once it has spooled the pages. If i just call Close() my print documents sometimes come out missing pages or the printer outputs obscure (Timeout/Syntax) errors.

The workaround i have at the moment is a bit of a hack which involves calling Hide() and then waiting an arbitrary amount of time (in my case 30 seconds) before closing it, this seems to work.

I really dont like this approach - how do you know how much time to wait? Shouldnt the EndPrint ensure that the last page has spooled?

Anyone have ideas for a "proper" fix? Or explain what is going on?


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