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I have the following error and I'd like to

ORA-12154 TNS: impossibile risolvere l'identificativo di connessione specificato

In english sounds like:

ORA-12154 TNS: it's impossible to find the specified connection identifier

But in witch file? I've more than one oracle client installed. I'd like to execute a .NET code witch says where is located the TNS file. I've seen this problem for five years in my company with no one trying to solve it.

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If you have Windows OS, with Oracle 10g installed on C drive, it would be like this:


BUT, this is for client programs like PL/SQL Developer and TOAD.

If you are talking about .Net provider.

I install Oracle 11g Client:


Change the connection identifiers in the 2nd file to control what .Net "Sees" as oracle connections either as Server Explorer connection wizard or as .Net code.

I hope that helps.

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the file you are looking for is named tnsnames.ora. The location depends on the OS you are using. Try to look at the TNS_ADMIN registry entry value, it should point to that file. Another tip: if the path containing tnsnames.ora contains '(' or ) as for example ( x86 ) you can experience troubles, so change the location.

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That should be "tnsnames.ora" though (not "tsnames.ora") ;-) – Christian.K Oct 2 '12 at 10:29
@Christian.K corrected, thank you – Felice Pollano Oct 2 '12 at 10:42

I've found a possible answer here but I prefer doing it by a .NET instruction.

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