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I'm looking for an open source library or a tool, to monitor network connections. My requirement is to test the server connectivity and speed. And it should run on linux and android as well. Are there any simple libraries I can use to get the job done.

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How about wireshark it's used to monitor network traffic and also has a thing that runs on android.

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Wireshark or Ethereal are most preferable tools.
WinPcap is library available for packet capturing.

Here are some other tools you can google more about them -

  1. SharesFinder
  2. AndSMB
  3. IP Subnet/Supernet Calculator
  4. File Expert
  5. Overlook Fing
  6. G-MoN for Android 2.x
  7. Wi-Fi Analyzer
  8. ConnectBot
  9. Server Monitor

This link is also useful.

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Take a look at the ARO tool provided by AT&T. It is also open source and the code could be of use. developer.att.com/aro It allows you to monitor network activity in the emulator and on device too. –  Rod Burns Oct 4 '12 at 17:02
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