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I have a HTML document that got tags like:

<div class="sign"></div>

i want to replace those tags with canvas that represents a sign view (user can touchmove and draw) so i've binded listeners.

the problem is that only the first canvas has listeners and its possible to draw on.

$(document).ready(function () {

    $('.sign').each(function () {

        var canvas = $("<canvas/>");
        canvas[0].width = 200;
        canvas[0].height = 100;
        canvas[0].setAttribute("style", "border:1px solid #000000");

        var ctx = canvas.get(0).getContext('2d');
        ctx.strokeStyle = "rgba(0,0,0,1)";
        ctx.lineWidth = 2;
        ctx.lineCap = 'round';


        canvas.bind("touchstart", function () {

            ctx.moveTo(event.touches[0].pageX, event.touches[0].pageY);

        canvas.bind("touchmove", function () {
            ctx.lineTo(event.touches[0].pageX, event.touches[0].pageY);

        var br = $("<br/>");

        var btn = document.createElement('input');
        btn.setAttribute("type", "button");
        btn.setAttribute("value", "Clear");
        btn.setAttribute("onclick", "clearSignature()");




how can i bind those listeners to all canvases?


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I would bind all canvas outside after the each() – fcalderan Oct 2 '12 at 11:00
Agreed ... the problem of the inner .bind() is that you create closures, so ctx might not be what you expect. – devnull69 Oct 2 '12 at 11:02
declaring var ctx = this.getContext('2d'); will solve the problem? – fcalderan Oct 2 '12 at 11:05

I would remove the bind inside the each() loop and I would simply attach the handlers after it (using event delegation), e.g.

  .on("touchstart", 'canvas', function () {
    var ctx = this.getContext('2d');
    ctx.moveTo(event.touches[0].pageX, event.touches[0].pageY);
  .on("touchmove", 'canvas', function () {
    var ctx = this.getContext('2d');
    ctx.lineTo(event.touches[0].pageX, event.touches[0].pageY);

supposing that the context should be retrieved with var ctx = this.getContext('2d');

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I've remove those bind out side the each loop and it still the same.. just the first canvas got listened. – Daniel Gabay Oct 2 '12 at 11:13

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