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Could really use some help from you!

I'm trying to implement jPlayer to stream some channels from shoutcast. EVerything fine and well till the "now playing" part.

See here the testing area: http://www.powermixfmradio.com/2013/index.php

The idea is, everytime someone clicks on a channel, the "Now Live on the xxxxxx Channel:" should change according to the selected channel, but i have no idea how to do that. I made in php a simple script that reads the current song on each channel and assigned them to $trance, $house (etc). For the example, it's using <?php echo "$trance"; ?> to display the data, but how can i make that to change everytime the channel changes ( change <?php echo "$trance"; ?> to <?php echo "$house"; ?> and so on)?

The developer of jPlayer was nice enough to guide me in a way and gave me a start:

select: function(index) {
        index = (index < 0) ? this.original.length + index : index; // Negative index relates to end of array.
        if(0 <= index && index < this.playlist.length) {
            this.current = index;
            $(this.cssSelector.jPlayer).jPlayer("setMedia", this.playlist[this.current]);
            // Add stuff here.
        } else {
            this.current = 0;

But since my jq knowledges are pretty limited, i have no idea what to add or edit there :(

Really REALLY need some help with this problem. And i'll keep you in my prayers few months if you have a solution.

Thank you very much in advance.

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