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I have big project which consist of many smaller projects, files, packages, iso's, etc. and I'd like to keep these files in some control system perhaps Bazaar.

The problem is some of projects are already under git or bazaar. I need not to change structure of projects/files.

Any idea, help?

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Keep each existing small projects / packages in bazaar/git. Import other non-versioned into bazaar/git. Choose the best structure for you : each one in its own repository, or a shared repository with every thing inside.

Then, create an new project under bazaar/git with links to each of your projects. This link feature is call EXTERNAL.

BAZAAR Externals

GIT Externals (compared to SVN)
SVN external in GIT

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There are a few options for combining repositories from different version control systems and tools that can help with that:

  • mr performs common operations on a set of repositories as if they were one
  • When using bzr as the top-level repository, you can use bzr externals (but be aware the plugin is not very mature and unmaintained) to combine bzr and git repositories via bzr-git
  • When using git as the top-level repository you can use submodules or subtrees to combine git and bzr repositories via a bzr remote helper
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