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git-diff has a cool feature documented as:

--check Warn if changes introduce trailing whitespace or an indent that uses a space before a tab. Exits with non-zero status if problems are found. Not compatible with --exit-code.

I usually run git-diff with --check before committing and fix all warning to keep the code nice and tidy. Is there any script or tool which can parse the output of git-diff --check and automatically fix all warnings?

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There isn't really a script, per se, but you can pretty easily make use of git apply --whitespace=fix to clean up the patch. Off the top of my head, something like the following:

git commit -m 'this has diff --check errors'
git format-patch --stdout HEAD | git apply --index --whitespace=fix -
git commit --amend -C HEAD

If you wanted this automatically, you might try turning that into a post-commit hook, with a bit more care.

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Thanks, looks like the way to go –  zr. Oct 3 '12 at 18:33

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