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I want to have a spell check feature in my PyQt4 project and it seems pyenchant is a good choice to do this thing. It's work prefect. but I want to make my own dictionary of words and feed the module with them. Is it possible at all?

after that, how can I make an easy process to use this new dictionary on other computers that want to use my original program? I don't want to make user install some strange program and dictionaries to use my simple program.

PS: I'm on a Linux system.

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You could use Personal Word List feature. Add words via pwl object:

>>> pwl = enchant.request_pwl_dict("mywords.txt")

Use word list:

>>> d2 = enchant.DictWithPWL("en_US", "mywords.txt")
>>> d2.check("Hello")

To install "mywords.txt" use package_data. See Including non-Python files with setup.py

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Yeah, I used it before, but after running my program, all words in the file vanished! I thought maybe I used wrong function. –  Shahinism Oct 2 '12 at 16:18

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