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Possible Duplicate:
How do you round to 1 decimal place in Javascript?

My Value is 1.450 and I have to round it to 1 decimal place.

I want 1.450 = 1.5 in Javascript can any body fix this please.

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You need this:

var mynum = 1.450,
  rounded = Math.round(mynum * 10) / 10;
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suppose you have

var original=28.453;


var result=Math.round(original*10)/10  //returns 28.5


You can also see How do you round to 1 decimal place in Javascript?

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Given your fiddle, the simplest change would be:

result = sub.toFixed(1) + "M";


result = Math.ceil(sub.toFixed(1)) + "M";
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If you use Math.round then you will get 1 for 1.01, and not 1.0.

If you use toFixed you run into rounding issues.

If you want the best of both worlds combine the two:

(Math.round(1.01 * 10) / 10).toFixed(1)

You might want to create a function for this:

function roundedToFixed(_float, _digits){
  var rounder = Math.pow(10, _digits);
  return (Math.round(_float * rounder) / rounder).toFixed(_digits);
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