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I have a below code snippet in my code:

    $dsn = DB_TYPE . '://' . DB_USER . ':' . DB_PASS . '@' . DB_HOST . '/' . DB_NAME;

    $db = DB::connect( $dsn, 'true' );
    $db->setFetchMode( DB_FETCHMODE_ASSOC );
    function errhndl ( $err ) {
        echo '<pre>' . $err->message;
        print_r( $err );

    PEAR::setErrorHandling( PEAR_ERROR_CALLBACK, 'errhndl' );

I have all DB credentials correct and also included the PEAR library for databse as well but still this throws me the below error:

DB Error: no database selected

and a DB error object array

Can someone guide me whats wronf with this?

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You should probably post more code, as this snippet does not include any statement that might do a database operation that requires a selected database. – lanzz Oct 2 '12 at 11:40
Are you sure you are trying to access an existing database? – Dainis Abols Oct 2 '12 at 11:43

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