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I am trying to generate a Data On Demand class for one of my entities whose class name is Member. However it seems that Member is a reserved SQL keyword.

So when I run the following command in the Roo shell:

dod --entity ~.domain.Member

Roo complains that Member is a reserved keyword with the following message:

Reserved SQL keyword 'Member' is not permitted as simple type name

Does Roo allow for a way to escape the name of my entity? If so how?

If no, how can I circumvent this issue?

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Someone from the Springsource team replied to me about this issue. Here is the reply:

The dod command also allows the --permitReservedWords option to overcome your issue.

Hope it can help someone else.

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What DB are you using? I don't know much about Roo, but it appears that it maps the class to a namespaced database table. What I would suggest, although this might seem crude, is to add a prefix to your entity name, e.g. SystemMember.

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Thanks Kiyomasa: I use MySQL. Changing the entity name is indeed a crude way of circumventing the problem. I am sure there must be some other way... – balteo Oct 2 '12 at 13:29

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