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My client would like to integrate a flip book plugin - http://www.turnjs.com/ - in his site. In their official documentation, they said that it support all browsers and IOS, Android devices.

I checked the example URL - http://www.turnjs.com/samples/magazine/ in both browser and mobile devices. I am sure that it is working fine in all browser, but it is not working fine in mobile devices (mostly it is not working in Android).

1 - Corner flip to go next page is not loading properly.
2 - In a screen 4 pages are loading for 2 pages (double page).
3 - After Zoom in, touch or frag on enlarged image gets Zoom in.

Being a licensed plugin it is not working in official example site.

Please let me know any ideas, to try to solve this issue.

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On my Samsung Galaxy S2, it works like a charm. Did you notice it says "Chrome for Android" ?

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yes mate. It is working fine in Samsung Galaxy S3 with in Chrome browser. Please let me know for any other suggestions. Thanks. –  Senthil Oct 2 '12 at 13:39

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