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Hi, I have a class that I want to test. This class has an autowired DAO object this object is been used in a @PostConstruct method, but I want to use the mock and not the real object is there a way. Here is an example:

PersonDao personDao;
public Person()
    //Do stuff

void init()
    //I need it to be a mock
    personDao.add(new Person());
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If you want to use mocked PersonDao you have several choices:

  • defines PersonDao mock as a Spring bean with primary="true" attribute so that it will have precedence over normal bean

  • move autowiring to constructor and create Person manually by providing a mock:

    PersonDao personDao;
    public Person(PersonDao personDao)
        this.personDao = personDao;


    new Person(personDaoMock)

    and don't rely on Spring.

  • you can modify private field using ReflectionTestUtils:

    ReflectionTestUtils.setField(person, "personDao", mock);
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