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I have Python 3.2 and python 1.5.2 installed on my system (windows 7 64bit)

i can run only IDLE which installed with python version 3.2 IDLE for 1.5.2 is not compatible with 64bit systems

i need to test some code specially for version 1.5.2 how can i make IDLE to use 1.5.2 interpreter instead of 3.2

or any other way to test python 1.5.2 scripts without idle

Thanks in advance

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you can run your script with a given interpreter from command line (cmd.exe)

c:\path\to\python1.5.2\python.exe your_python_script.py
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Thanks bpgergo , haven't thought about that –  vintox Oct 2 '12 at 12:38

You could use Python Launcher for Windows to run easily your_python_script.py using different Python version.

Also pylauncher allows you to indicate in the script what Python version it expects (in the #!-line (shebang)) and run it automatically.

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pylauncher appears to be a prototype implementation of PEP 397 which was Accepted as Standards Track way back in 2011. Do you know why the launcher still isn't being distributed with Python for Windows or why there's still only Vinay Sajip's prototype implementation? –  martineau Jan 2 '13 at 4:54

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