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    url : successdata,
    datatype: "xml",
    height: 250,

I want to assign the xml data to jqgrid , I dont want to call the url and assign it to it.

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You can use a datatype of xmlstring and pass your xml data using the datastr option. Here is an example from the documentation page:

var mystr =
"<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>

    datatype: 'xmlstring',
    datastr : mystr,
    colNames:['Inv No','Date', 'Amount','Tax','Total','Notes'],
    colModel :[ 
      {name:'invid', index:'invid', width:55, sorttype:'int'}, 
      {name:'invdate', index:'invdate', width:90, sorttype:'date', datefmt:'Y-m-d'}, 
      {name:'amount', index:'amount', width:80, align:'right', sorttype:'float'}, 
      {name:'tax', index:'tax', width:80, align:'right', sorttype:'float'}, 
      {name:'total', index:'total', width:80, align:'right', sorttype:'float'}, 
      {name:'note', index:'note', width:150, sortable:false} ],
    pager: '#pager',
    viewrecords: true,
    caption: 'My first grid'
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Thanks. My problem is resolved . Now the issue is I want to make the ajax call and pass the xml object as a post and receive the response in json format –  user1671219 Oct 2 '12 at 15:24

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