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I have an html form that I'm sending to external customers so they can fill up and send it back to me. The problem occurs when they click the submit button on the form.

For some reason in windows 7 64 bit, with outlook 2010 and explorer 9, mailto action doesn't work for me. An empty outlook message is displayed and only the subject and recipients are added. There is no attachment and no body text. When I change the default browser to FF I receive the text I wanted in the body section instead as an attachment (postdata.att). I can't use server code cause the html form is sent by outlook to external customers, so asp/php/cgi is irrelevant for me. The external customers have no access to the organization's intranet and since the html form is sent as an email attachment, it's also not hosted on an internet server.

Does anyone has a solution?


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mailto action doesn't work for me.

mailto depends on specific combinations of correctly configured browsers and email clients. It is not suitable for pubic use in an action attribute as support is too poor.

Use a server side process instead. Note that form support in HTML email is also poor, so you should link to a form hosted on the web.

I can't use server code cause the html form is sent by outlook to external customers, so asp/php/cgi is irrelevant for me.

You need to set up a public facing webserver.

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Unfortunately as I mentioned, I really can't use a server side code. What about CDO? Can I use it as a solution? I read somewhere that microsoft doesn't support this technology with outlook 2010. Is there some sort of a replacement for the CDO protocol? – user1714283 Oct 3 '12 at 8:52
End user email clients do not support running third party scripts that are embedded in emails. Server side code is the only option that will work, and it is a problem that your organisation can solve by investing in a public facing web server. – Quentin Oct 3 '12 at 9:10
Thanks for your answers. Can you please explain a bit more regarding your suggestion? I'm am talking about a VB software that was developed in house and has VB forms in it. one of the software's features is to export a form to an html form and send it through the outlook to external customer which also uses outlook. Can I maybe write a code to export the form to a public facing web server and then send a link on mail? there can be hundred of forms sent to different customers on a daily basis. – user1714283 Oct 3 '12 at 13:13
Just to make it clear, I had no problem with sending them the form via mail, my problem was when they clicked on the submit button and tried to send the data back. they received a blank email with no postdata.att attachment. and this only happens when we use IE9. – user1714283 Oct 3 '12 at 13:16
I'm now completely lost. Who is using the system when it breaks? Is the form they are using a VB WinForm, an HTML form in a webpage or an HTML form in an email? Are the people using the system on a controlled system or are they members of the public? – Quentin Oct 3 '12 at 13:21

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