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I am Trying to create a dynamic java-script mobile quiz, where the user can dynamically add another (multiple) answers to a single question, like "what is your favorite fruit(s)?"

I have seen examples here of the JavaScript: Javascript Add Dynamic Input Field

But I haven't seen examples of anything that would erase the input field after the user clicks the button "Submit and Add Another Fruit" so they can enter: (work on a mobile device)

  • apples, click Submit and Add Another Fruit
  • pears, click Submit and Add Another Fruit
  • oranges, click Submit and Add Another Fruit
  • kiwi, click Submit to next question

I was thinking the dynamically created input field name would be question11.01, question11.02, question11.03, question11.04 or question/part: q001p1, q001p2, q001p3, q001p4

The solution also would need to work with a back submit button in case the user realized he didn't want to add pears as the 2nd fruit and changes that to banana

I hide the div after the user "Submit to next question" and then make the next question div visible with javascript to give this that next page effect in a mobile device where the user feels like he is taking a dynamic quiz you would see at the DMV computer tests

<div class="questionquiz11" >

    <h2>Question 11</h2>

    <p>What is your favorite fruit(s)?   </p>

    <input type=text name="question11.01" >


    <input type=submit id="backbutton"    value="Back">

    <input type=submit id="button"    value="Submit to next question">

    <input type=submit id="addfruit"  value="Submit and Add Another Fruit">


<div class="questionquiz12" style="display: none">

    <h2>Question 12</h2>

    <p>What is your favorite veggies(s)?   </p>

    <input type=text name="question12.01" >


    <input type=submit id="backbutton"    value="Back">

    <input type=submit id="button"    value="Submit to next question">

    <input type=submit id="addveggies"  value="Submit and Add Another Veggie">


update: possible dynamic creating a div type sample code (doing some tests with it)

  var newdiv = document.createElement('div');
          newdiv.innerHTML = "Entry " + (counter + 1) + " <br><input type='text' name='myInputs[]'>";
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If you are using jQuery you should use $("#..") instead of getElementById(...) and other functions (i.e. .html() instead of innerHTML). –  Calavoow Oct 2 '12 at 14:11
i'm trying to wrap my head around: mkyong.com/jquery/… –  Heather McVay Oct 2 '12 at 14:55
this seems more like the functionality I am look for: fatihacet.com/lab/jQuiz –  Heather McVay Oct 2 '12 at 14:57
A merge of those two examples I just posted in the comments above this comment, is what I am after. –  Heather McVay Oct 2 '12 at 14:58

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If you want a mix of both the ability to add input fields and navigate between questions, first recreate the example by mkyong inside a <div>. You can do this by using the jQuery .append(...) function with another input box inside the append.

When the user navigates to the next question .hide() the <div> of the question and .show() the <div> of the next question.

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