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I was playing around with the gihub api and was wondering what kind of ways there could be to make static (in the containing properties returned sense) JSON responses known to the IDE so that I can work with autocompletion.

I tried to trick PhpStorm into thinking that the response has the following syntax, yet currentUser = user.data; makes resets the object and its properties are not shown in autocompletion

This is my approach:

var githubUser = {
    avatar_url: null,
    bio: null,
    blog: null,
    company: null,
    created_at: null,
    email: null,
    followers: null,
    following: null,
    gravatar_id: null,
    hireable: null,
    html_url: null,
    id: null,
    location: null,
    login: null,
    name: null,
    public_gists: null,
    public_repos: null,
    type: null,
    url: null

var github =  {
    githubApiUrl: "https://api.github.com",

    getUserData: function(userName) {
        $.getJSON(this.githubApiUrl + "/users/" + userName + "?callback=?", function(user) {
            var currentUser = Object.create(githubUser);
            currentUser = user.data;
            console.log(currentUser.login); // this is where I want to be able to use autocompletion

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Does PHPStorm recognize Object.extend(currentUser, user.data) instead of the assignment? –  Bergi Oct 2 '12 at 13:49
@Bergi Since my code was wrapped inside jQuery I used $.extend(currentUser, user.data) intead and got the autocompletion working. You can add an answer for me to upvote and accept :) –  k0pernikus Oct 2 '12 at 14:23

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currentUser = user.data;

overwrites the value. To get the Object.create-inheritance from githubUser working, you'd need to

$.extend(currentUser, user.data);
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