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I have a form for submitting an order, and I need an autocomplete field that searches across three attributes in the associated customer model: first name, last name, and customer_number (as opposed to customer.id). I know about the rails3-jquery-autocomplete gem found here http://github.com/crowdint/rails3-jquery-autocomplete, and got it working well, but a question has occurred to me -- is there a more efficient way to make the autocomplete work without having to query the db every time?

The other solution that occurred to me is to create a new indexed attribute in the customer model -- call it autocomplete_data. Whenever a new customer is added via the usual new customer form, an :after_create callback could populate the field. Would this speed up the performance? Or am I overthinking it?


I'm embarassed to say that I just didn't search hard enough the first time around -- I think this actually answers my question:
Rails: Efficiently searching by both firstname and surname

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