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I downloaded the "" from How to open this project in Eclipse now?

I would like to open it in Eclipse and then hit run to see how to run this app in the Emulator.

(new to Android - so sorry if the question is too basic)

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To run the project you mentioned in Eclipse, hit
- File->New->Project
- Choose "Android Project From Existing Code"
- Choose the root directory, hit finish.

Some extra steps you might need to take care after creating project (if there are errors)
1. Click Project->Clean (so that Resources "R" will be automatically generated)
2. If there are some XML errors, try to change Android Build Target (right click on project folder->Properties->Android)

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Just for completeness, you might want step one to be "unzip the file you downloaded". – Geobits Jul 30 '13 at 16:21

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