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I developed an ASP.NET web site. When viewing the application in the browser the version number is shown in the footer of the application. But I want to communicate the version number with the customer even if the appliction is not running. Is it good to use a post build event for it to write it into a text file? If so, how can I access the version number (there is no predefined variable for this) and how can I write it into a text file via the command-line? Are there any other, maybe simpler ways of getting this done?

Thanks for you help.

Edit: What I forgot to say is that it should be included when publishing the project using the Publish dialog.

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You could use a build tool such as msbuild and nant to control the build number and update a application setting in the web.config. or you can use some reflection code to retrieve it

Assembly web = Assembly.Load("App_Code");  
AssemblyName webName = web.GetName(); 
string myVersion = webName.Version.ToString(); 

preferably store the string in cache

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Thanks I will look into MSBuild as it seems it is used automatically by Visual Studio. Perhaps editing the csproj files will do the trick. – chrinetr Oct 3 '12 at 9:23

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