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I am trying to expand all values in an array I get to through indirect expansion:

> my_array=(coconut banana)
> echo "${my_array[@]}" 
coconut banana
> my_array_name=my_array
> echo ${!my_array_name}
> echo "${!my_array_name[@]}"

I am erroneously using "List of array keys" in the last command because I don't know how to type the right command?

I would like to get:

coconut banana

possibly without resorting to some ugly eval hack.. Example of one suck hack:

> echo \${$my_array_name[@]}
> eval echo \${$my_array_name[@]}
coconut banana


my_array may contain values with spaces!


In the function I am writing, my_array_name is set through "$1" so I cannot use that literally.

Similar to: but I need to avoid using eval to protect from the nasty effects the script would have if the environment was "hacked" just at the right time...

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This should work

echo "${!my_array_name}"

After comment : you have to create a string with the name of the array and '[@]', another example

echo "${!my_array_name}"

After comment : test in a function

display_elem() {
  local arrname
  printf "%s\n" "${!arrname}"

display_elem my_array
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@Robottinosino the my_array comes from your example, you can replace by whatever else – Nahuel Fouilleul Oct 2 '12 at 13:48
SMART and completely unexpected that bash would fall for that trick! Better than eval, I say! – Robottinosino Oct 2 '12 at 14:34
I second that! Great job, Nahuel! – p_strand Oct 2 '12 at 14:46
Maybe this example will work for you: It indeed does not use the ARRAY name in the function. – BinaryZebra May 10 at 21:39

The problem is my_array_name=my_array. You need to retrieve all values of my_array. Try this instead:

 echo "${my_array_name[@]}"
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I don't know that the name I should use is my_array when executing the code. That itself comes from $1, apologies I did not make that clear. Upvoting anyway, even if this is not a solution for me. – Robottinosino Oct 2 '12 at 13:36

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