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I am facing the following problem.

My Application needs to communicate between 2 Services, 1 for Network, 1 for rudementary Phoneservices.

Now, I did the following to achieve IPC:

I extended the BinderClass as normal, and return an own Binder in my onBind() method. That works just fine. But now I want to have in addition to that the possibility to send Messages between my Service and my Activity. But here lies the problem. Since I return my own Binder in the onBind() method like this:

public IBinder onBind(Intent intent){
    Log.d(this.getClass().getName(), "BIND");
    return binderToThisProcess;

I can not return an additional Messenger like this:

return outMessenger.getBinder();

I mean of course this is obvious cause the return statement allows only one Object to be returned.

My Question is: Is there any way I can append the Messenger onto my own Binder? Or is there a similar way to achieve what I am looking for? Or did I miss something?

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The solution seems very obvious for me - just write your own class what extends Binder. You can add any custom fields or methods to your CustomBinder class. Simply instantiate your CustomBinder and return it in onBind() method.

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Thats the solution Thank you! –  incremented Nov 9 '12 at 13:33

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