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I have made on Javafx 2 standalone application using netbeans 7.2 IDE. Internally netbeans use ant script for making a build.

Now my application creates some XML file based on some input. For xml creation I have used one third party jar file 'xstream-1.4.3.jar'. Now when I make build and run the application from netbeans IDE only.. application works fine. But when I copy jar to some other location my application stops working.

Reason being when jar file is copied to some other location, application is not able to find 'xstream**.jar' file. So now how to include this jar file (all jar files from class path) in the build so that my application can become distributable.

Thanks in advance.

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The manifest file in the JAR is updated to include entries that designate main class and any libraries that are on the project's classpath.


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Include the following code in your build.xml file and change the folder names to suit your project.

 <target name="-post-jar">   
   <jar jarfile="${dist.jar}" update="true">   
     <zipfileset src="C:/Java/ExcelJars/jxl.jar" includes="**/*.class" />   
     <zipfileset src="C:/Java/ExcelJars/SX.jar" includes="**/*.class"/> 
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