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When I debug Xtend code, I would sometimes like to see generated Java code with all the intermediate variables. However, even if I set a breakpoint inside this code, debugger shows Xtend code instead. Is it possible to switch to Java code in this situation?

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Sadly, There is no way to turn off xtend debugger yet.

However, Open a "Generated Code" View in Debug Perspective may help you. It shows breakpoints too(synchronized with breakpoints on xtend file), It makes us understand co-operation with java more easy.

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I've just found this video: Debugging in Xtend and Java - side by side, 00:15. The source is here, at section Debugging since M6:

"Debugging through Xtend and Java is now fully supported. Setting breakpoints in Xtend works just as in Java and you can even switch to the Java level whenever wished by a context menu action.

Also all the cool features known from the Java debugger, like ‘Display’, ‘Inspect’, or ‘Exception Breakpoints’ are available."

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