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I am looking for a Java DataOutputStream equivalent for Dart where I can write arbitrary types (int, string, float, byte array etc). There is RandomAccessFile but it does not provide byte array or float-double values. ByteArray seems to have some necessary functions but I am not sure how to write it to a file or an OutputStream.

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Here is some simple code showing how to write a ByteArray into an OutputStream:


main() {
        File file = new File("c:\\temp\\foo.txt");
        OutputStream os = file.openOutputStream();
        os.onNoPendingWrites = () {
                print('Finished writing. Closing.');
        Uint8List byteList = new Uint8List(64);
        ByteArray byteArray = byteList.asByteArray();
        int offset = 0;
        offset = byteArray.setUint8(offset, 72);
        offset = byteArray.setUint8(offset, 101);
        offset = byteArray.setUint8(offset, 108);
        offset = byteArray.setUint8(offset, 108);
        offset = byteArray.setUint8(offset, 111);
        offset = byteArray.setUint8(offset, 0);
        byteArray.setFloat32(offset, 1.0);
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Thanks this seems to be ok, but it is rather cumbersome to do it this way. Hope better support for io is coming soon. –  afsina Oct 2 '12 at 18:01
The Dart base libraries are going to be refreshed in the near future. Make sure you file a bug with your specific needs. –  Cutch Oct 3 '12 at 19:48
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You are essentially asking for arbitrary object serialization. And while the Dart VM has one, it isn't exposed to programmers (it is only used for snapshotting and message passing). I'd say that it would be a mistake to expose it -- in different situations, we have different requirements for serialization and "one true solution" isn't gonna work (Java showed us that already).

For example, I'm working on a MsgPack implementation for Dart, I know that Protobuf port is also in the works, maybe someone will start a Thrift port... the possibilities are endless.

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His requirement is not limited to arbitrary object serialization. I think it is reasonable to have something similar to DataInputstream/ DataOutputStream. These are especially useful if you are reading a binary formatted file with specific layout (Compressed files, Adobe colorbook files, thousands more.) or you want to control exact layout of your output file. Protobufs and others does not provide this. –  mdakin Oct 3 '12 at 14:09
Oops, you are right and I was wrong. But then, it's pretty simple to write a simple abstraction on top of ByteArray and OutputStream. –  Ladicek Oct 3 '12 at 19:36
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