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Is it possible to get history of contacts statuses using Lync SDK or maybe monitor and store history of statuses?

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You could write an application that subscribes to user presences and then write some kind of status history log from their StatusChanged events.

Small startingpoint:

Create a presence view on your Endpoint:

var presenceView = new RemotePresenceView(endpoint, new RemotePresenceViewSettings());

Subscribe to the PresenceNotificationReceived event:

presenceView.PresenceNotificationReceived += OnPresenceNotificationReceived;

And handle this event:

private void PresenceNotificationReceived(object sender, RemotePresentitiesNotificationEventArgs e)
    foreach (var notification in e.Notifications)
        // Store the notification somewhere
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Thanks. I will try to do this ASAP. – Sasha Nov 28 '12 at 21:35

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