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I created a trash can utility using Java that deletes a file and puts it in a trash can where it can be restored.

I want it to work so you can type Del filenameand it will delete the file and Undel filename and it will undelete the file. So far so good....as long as you are in the directory that has the class files and the Del shell script.

I tried adding PATH=/Users/username/Dropbox/CS211S/HW03_delete/:$PATH to my .profile. Nada.

Here is my script:

# Author:  me
# Date  :  10/02/12        
# Program Name: Del 

export CLASSPATH=/Users/username/Dropbox/CS211S/HW03_delete:$CLASSPATH 

(( $# == 0 )) && echo "usage: Del file-name(s)" && exit 1
Java Del $*

To run it, I have to be in the directory with Del and the class file and type ./Del filename in Terminal. I should be able to type just Del filename but I for the life of me have no idea how to make it work...

If I do type just Del filename I get a command not found error!!

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This is not about java at all. It is about unix shell only. Put your script under /bin, add execution permissions for all relevant users and run it without mentioning of path, i.e. directly as you want: Del

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What you need is exporting the path to the .profile.

Type this in the terminal

gedit $HOME/.profile

Now change the line

PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH ; export PATH

into this.

export PATH

Hope this helps. And this is sure about the UNIX only.

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