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I need an Oracle regex that will match a file-name in the format ABCD_EFG_YYYYMMDD_HH(24)MISS.csv, except if the time-part is one of three specific values: 110000, 140000, or 180000.

So, for example, it will match the file-name ABC_DEF_20120925_110001.csv, but not the file-name ABCD_EFG_20120925_110000.csv is not.

The following non-Oracle regex works:


but I don't know how to write it as an Oracle regex.

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Oracle doesn't support lookahead assertions, so you'll have to spell out all the valid matches:


should work (assuming that the time part is always 6 digits long).


ABCD_EFG_    # Match ABCD_EFG_
[0-9]*_      # Match first number (date part) and _
(            # Match a number that starts with
 [02-9]      # 0 or 2-9
|            # or
 1[0235679]  # 1, followed by 2,3,5,6,7, or 9
|            # or
 1[148]      # 11, 14, or 18
 0{0,3}      # followed by up to three zeroes
 [1-9]       # but then one digit 1-9
)            # End of alternation
[0-9]*       # Fill the rest with any digits
\.csv        # Match .csv (mind the backslash!)
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Thanks Tim - works like a charm! –  user1714113 Oct 2 '12 at 16:01

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