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I have a table with 4 columns (member, level, group, group_level). Group_level is currently empty and I am trying to populate Group_level from a measurement of the group’s different levels.

To calculate each member’s Group_level, I need to first group each member by his or her group column. From this group, I need to analyze the different levels in the group, and then populate the Group_level. For example:

member | level | group | group_level
1      | low   | 2     | med
2      | low   | 1     | low
3      | med   | 2     | med

I have the IIF statement worked out, but I’m stuck on trying to understand how to group these guys together. I am very new to informatica, so overly detailed instructions is welcomed.

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  1. Add a 2nd instance of the source to the mapping.
  2. Drag level and group to an aggregator.
  3. Group by group and write an expression to calculate group_level.
  4. Join this new data stream with the main one on group.
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