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I have written a class in java that will be called from a JSP file, I already have Servlet mapping defined in the web.xml file (there is already an existing jsp project), my question is Do I have to define a new servlet mapping to point to my class. Here is content is the web,xml file:











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From JSP you can directly access the Java class(by creating instance probably). only servlets need mapping in web.xml.(All servlets must be mapped to a url) If you want a servelt to be invoked from JSP then use requestDispatcher.

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No you don't have to add anything to your web.xml as long as you just want to use your new class in the JSP file. Are you sure that this


is correct? Do you have your Test class in the default package ? It's not a good practice.

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yes there is a test.class in WEB-INF/classes/MyProject/. – user1712095 Oct 2 '12 at 16:17

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